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Retro Duo Portable


2 in 1 Console

Blast from the past.

You probably remember the days of 8-bit consoles. There was something special to those systems. Maybe it was the nature of what was happning. It was a special time when the world had not yet seen the video game system in the home. Nintendo did a bang out job projecting just that image into the worlds heart. There first system, the Nintendo Entertaiment System (NES), would come to be an icon for Video Game Consoles. We also cannot forget about it's predicessor the Super Nintendo Entertaiment System (SNES). Few consoles had such an impact on the world of gaming the like those two.

Now, Retro-Bit has made it possible to now play both of these systems in one console! Introducing the Retro Duo. This console is designed with todays functionality with yesterdays game experience. To find out more info on the Retro Duo click on the link below titled "More Info".

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